BONA-BITE Air is a medium viscosity vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) material for bite registrations which is characterized by its mousse-like consistency making it very light on extrusion. Due to its high thixotropy (non drip) it ensures accurate placement and enhanced patient comfort. It has a fast intraoral setting time and retains enough flexibility for easy trimming or cutting.




Making accurate occlusal registrations
Standard bite registrations in the end bite position
Key material for needle point registration
Production of small model segments




  • Mousse-like consistency
  • Very high Shore A hardness
  • Highly thixotropic
  • Ideal consistency
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Remarkable tear strength
  • Outstanding resistance to elastic rebound
  • Void free
  • Non sticky

Product Description

Item No.Packaging
210113010Cartridge 50ml x 2, mixing tips
210113020Cartridge 50ml x 4

Clinical Cases

Impression Techniques: Clinical Properties That Matter – by Dr. Ross. W. Nass, DDSIndirect restorations require some type of impressions in order to be fabricated. Stone replicas made from the impressions have been used in dentistry for many years. These models can be read digitally from CAD/CAM technology, or the restorations can be built directly on the dies with conventional lost wax techniques or direct application processes. While some techniques are available to read preparations directly with digital readers, most dentists still use physical impression materials.DOWNLOAD (PDF, 1MB)

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