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NANOCERAM-BRIGHT FLOW is a light curing flowable version of the Nanoceram-Bright composite using the same nanohybrid technology to achieve optimum results. It is characterized by its superior aesthetics through its chameleon effect and high gloss polishability. This highly thixotropic product guarantees easy handling and precise application.



Anterior and limited posterior restorations

Liner for class I and II restorations

Sealing larger pits and fissures

Repair of composite restorations and ceramic veneers


Characteristics – Advantages

  • Excellent handling characteristics
  • Excellent sculptability
  • Low shrinkage-Very good marginal adaptation
  • Extremely high polishability
  • High resistance to wear
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Strongly radiopaque
  • Non-sticky

Product Description

Item No.Packaging

Nanoceram-Bright Flow 2g x 2,

syringe tips

170112301shade A1
170112302shade A2
170112303shade A3
170112305shade A3.5
170112307shade B1
170112308shade B2
170112304shade OA2
170112325shade bleach

Nanoceram-Bright Flow 2g

syringe tips

170112401shade A1
170112402shade A2
170112403shade A3
170112405shade A3.5
170112407shade B1
170112408shade B2
170112404shade OA2
170112425shade bleach

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