BONASIL A+ Light is low viscosity vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) correction impression material with optimized thixotropy to ensure easy handling. Its exceptional elastic recovery and dimensional change together with its extra hydrophilic properties are essential characteristics which provide high accuracy in impressions.


ISO 4823 / ADA No.19, Type 3 – light bodied consistency




Two step putty/wash technique
One step putty/wash technique
Crown/bridge work
Inlay and onlay impressions
Reline impressions


Characteristics – Advantages


  • Outstanding precision in detail reproduction
  • Ideal working/setting time ratio
  • Highly thixotropic
  • Ideal consistency
  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • Excellent elastic properties
  • Very high tear strength
  • Extra hydrophilic
  • Void free
  • Non-sticky

Product Description

Item No.Packaging
210102010Cartridge 50ml x 2, mixing tips – Regular Set
210102010FCartridge 50ml x 2, mixing tips – Fast Set
210102020Cartridge 50ml x 4 – Regular Set
210102020FCartridge 50ml x 4 – Fast Set

Clinical Cases

Impression Techniques: Clinical Properties That Matter – by Dr. Ross. W. Nass, DDSIndirect restorations require some type of impressions in order to be fabricated. Stone replicas made from the impressions have been used in dentistry for many years. These models can be read digitally from CAD/CAM technology, or the restorations can be built directly on the dies with conventional lost wax techniques or direct application processes. While some techniques are available to read preparations directly with digital readers, most dentists still use physical impression materials.DOWNLOAD (PDF, 1MB)
Radical Reconstruction of Class II Division II Patient with Splinted Veneers-by Dr. Joseph Pelerin, DDSIn the following case there was a tight time frame — 40 year old male in the Merchant Marines due to leave in 5 weeks. As a teenager, the patient was treated with orthodontic treatment and the proper anterior angulation was established, however the lower jaw was never properly advanced and the retention was not in place and there was a relapse. Teeth 7 through 10 were tipped lingually and he was grinding and shortened them about 7 mm.DOWNLOAD (PDF, 1MB)

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