NANOCERAM BRIGHT is a light cure nano-hybrid composite composed of a special blend of micro- and nano-fillers which produces a superior restorative. The highest aesthetic results have been achieved through the development of a sophisticated method for the integration of the nanoparticles in the resin matrix. These nanoparticles, of average particle size of 20 nm, assist in a quick polish after placement as well as ultralow wear.



Anterior and posterior restorations
Class I – V restorations
Direct veneers


Characteristics – Advantages

  • Excellent handling characteristics
  • Excellent sculptability
  • Low shrinkage – Very good marginal adaptation
  • Extremely high polishability
  • High resistance to wear
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Strongly radiopaque
  • Non-sticky

Product Description

Item No.Packaging

Nanoceram-Bright 4g x 7, Etching gel 3ml x 2, Single bonding 3ml x 2

160111205brush holder, brush tips, syringe tips & mixing wells Shades: A1-A2-A3-A3.5-B2-B3-C2
160111101Nanoceram Bright 4g x 4, Etching gel 3ml, Single bonding 3ml,

brush holder, brush tips, syringe tips & mixing wells

Shades: A2-A3-A3.5-B2

Nanoceram Bright 4g,

Etching gel 2ml, Single

bonding 1ml, syringe tips

160111501shade A1
160111502shade A2
160111503shade A3
160111505shade A3.5
160111506shade A4
160111507shade B1
160111508shade B2
160111509shade B3
160111512shade C2
160111513shade C3
160111516shade D3
160111504shade OA2
Nanoceram Bright 4g
160111401shade A1
160111402shade A2
160111403shade A3
160111405shade A3.5
160111406shade A4
160111407shade B1
160111408shade B2
160111409shade B3
160111412shade C2
160111413shade C3
160111416shade D3
160111404shade OA2
160111419shade incisal
160111424shade bleach extra
160111425shade bleach
Nanoceram-Bright 0.25g x 20

shade A1
160122502shade A2
160122503shade A3
160122505shade A3.5
160122506shade A4
160122507shade B1
160122508shade B2
160122509shade B3
160122512shade C2
160122513shade C3
160122516shade D3
160122504shade OA2
160122519shade incisal
160122524shade bleach extra
160122525shade bleach

Clinical Cases

First Impressions – by Dr. George Freedman, DDSIn First Impressions, George Freedman, DDS, gives readers a brief summary of products that have recently been introduced to dentistry, based on his clinical experience.DOWNLOAD (PDF, 629KB)
Direct Composite for Today’s Practice – by Dr. Ross. W. Nass, DDSIndirect restorations require some type of impressions in order to be fabricated. Stone replicas made from the impressions have been used in dentistry for many years. These models can be read digitally from CAD/CAM technology, or the restorations can be built directly on the dies with conventional lost wax techniques or direct application processes. While some techniques are available to read preparations directly with digital readers, most dentists still use physical impression materials.DOWNLOAD (PDF, 629KB)
Cervical Restoration-Fast Easy and Long Lasting – by Dr. Joseph Pelerin, DDSDr. Joe Pelerin has been practicing dentistry at Meadowbrook Dental in Auburn Hills, Michigan for over 30 years. He has authored several articles covering various aspects of dentistry for dental publications throughout the U.S. Dr. Pelerin’s online CE course, “Single Crown – A Novel Approach to Preparation, Impression and Temporization” is one of the highest viewed courses in recent history on the Dentaltown website. In addition, he has recently invented a product called GrindGuardN, which is marketed to consumers and dentists.DOWNLOAD (PDF, 629KB)

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